Healing of wound is the ultimate goal to be achieved in the management of wound care and the scientists are in constant search of healing promoters. Process of healing and the factors affecting it is still a broad field for scientific research. Management of the wound is not a domain of single discipline rather it needs a multidisciplinary approach.

Wound care/management calls for a multidisciplinary and integrated involvement and commitment. It is for the first time in the country that a need for collective involvement and contribution in this cause is thought and called for, and it is the privilege of Banaras Hindu University to have done it and thus be first in this concept.

In furthering to achieve new dimension of wound healing scientific discussion and exchange of ideas from renowned workers of the country and abroad were invited to attend the first National Conference of Wound Care “WOUNDCON-96” which was organized in the Banaras Hindu University, Institute of Medical Sciences on 28-29 September, 1996.

The conference lead to the foundation of the Indian Society of Wound Management, formed to maintain the continuity of current understanding, research and development in wound management.

A physiology of wound healing, organization of wound care services, and planning of research in wound healing was discussed in details. The panelists shared their experience and opinions about the management of diabetic, vascular and trophic ulcers during a symposium.